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 Girsh Alarm Benefits

We are proud of our 40+ year reputation as a company that always makes it worktm .

As a traditional security company, we craft innovative and creative security solutions for a wide variety of customers. We work hard at fostering and maintaining excellent working relationships with our clients and each other. Join our team and help us continue our long tradition and help us maintain and to continue to enhance our sterling reputation with our clients and our community.

     Benefit #1:  A great team of supportive co-workers. You will become part of a cohesive group that respects and trusts each other. Our team members are extremely punctual and maintain excellent attendance records, so we can depend on each other.

     Benefit #2:  Great working conditions. We're located in a beautiful, safe strip center in the Philadelphia suburbs - near Jenkintown, Glenside, and Abington - with lots of low-cost parking. Our clients are in the Greater Philadelphia area. In business for more than 40 years, we have developed great working relationships with those clients. In business for over 40 years and working in the security industry even longer, we have expertise that is respected thru-out our industry and by our clients. 

     Benefit #3:  Be proud of what you do! Our mission is: "Making our world safer."(tm)  Every day, we help protect families, children, co-workers, employees, people just like you! We keep them safe from fire, from break-ins, from hold-ups. We're all very passionate about what we do! 

     Benefit #4:  A career path.  We offer education and training, including leadership training. As we said in our Careers page, we are actively looking to hire and groom a future General Manager who can run our company. Every position in our company has a defined career path, with the ability to grow into a position with more responsibilities.

     Other benefits:  Of course we offer g reat pay and a variety of other terrific benefits, including gym membership, health insurance, dental insurance, and more. We'll tell you more during the course of our conversations together.

     Bonus Benefit:  Be more secure!  We believe in what we do. After you've completed your initiation period, we will give you a FREE custom-designed security system. Central station monitoring is FREE too. 

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