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Girsh Alarm: testimonials

I just wanted to take a moment and thank you for your great service to my business. For over 15 years, you have provided the basic monitoring package for my store on Rhawn Street. Anytime we have needed service or have had a question, you have been quick with a response.
I now have the extended warranty and that has really paid off. With all the different employees we have had over the years, it makes it very easy to change codes and names. Also the text messaging notifications have been terrific! Anytime someone leaves or enters the building, I know about it immediately. It is invaluable!
Thanks again for the outstanding service.
Jordan K.


Girsh + Co. has been reliable and helpful to our family during the last 25 years.
The technicians come out to the house promptly and the central station has prompt service, as well. We have felt safer with Girsh Alarm Co.
Thank you very much.
Mrs. Judy S.; Elkins Park
We would just like to take this opportunity to thank Girsh Alarm Company for their service throughout the year.

We have been customers for over fourteen years and have always received prompt, reliable, personalized service. We feel that the Girshes know us and care about the service we receive. It truly makes a difference.

It may sound strange, however, when we are driving about in the township and see their signs, we are truly happy for them because we want their business to thrive. Knowing their service, we can understand why it does.
Sincerely yours,
Jonathan G. and Patricia G.

I had the opportunity to review six proposals for alarm systems from six different companies when I installed my system a few years ago.

Almost all the proposals were the same and very unimaginative. Two stood out - one was from a very "reputable" firm that wanted to put tear gas bombs in closets and other unbelievable devices to attack intruders. We ruled that company out, since a miscue by anyone in our large family would have also triggered these deterrents.

Then there was Harry Girsh who suggested a totally unobtrusive and imaginative system for my colonial stone house that would not involve boxes blinking at you and interfere with the decor. His system was totally invisible and effective.

It's operated virtually trouble free for six years. When service is required - very infrequently -, the Girshes have both been responsive, caring, and prompt. They answer questions on the phone, volunteer to come out on a night or weekend, and serviced the system virtually for nothing for years.

As far as I am concerned, you are "the only show in town" and would recommend you to anyone who wants good products and excellent service.
David S.; Hatfield, Pa


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