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Girsh Alarm recommendations for homeowners

For our residential clients and potential clients, we recommend:
  • at least one smoke detector in every room of the house that is conditioned space as there is a limited range for each detector. The exact number may vary depending on the size and configuration of the room;
  • rate-of-rise detectors in the attic, basement, and garage;
  • carbon monoxide detectors through-out the house;
  • exterior cameras integrated with your burglar alarm and with remote monitoring so that we can watch selected portions of the exterior of your property when the alarm is activated.
  • escape ladders in every room above the first floor above ground.

  Girsh Alarm

     For some additional information on residential security systems, considering ordering and reading our book, I-SEE Better Security For Your Home.  Order it directly from us: 215-782-9911.

I See Better Security for Your Home by Jodie Girsh and Harry Girsh

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