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Girsh Alarm

Girsh Alarm Company, Inc.

Girsh Alarm Company, Inc. has expertise that has repeatedly made a difference in our clients’ lives and in their businesses by the work we do. Our team has designed, installed, and serviced a wide variety of electronic security devices in homes, businesses, industry, and institutions since 1977.

             Intruders have been detected when they have tried to break into the yard of a wholesale plumbing supply company where inventory was stored; religious institutions; distribution centers of a well-known snack food manufacturing company; and the homes of many families.


            Detecting internal theft at a furniture supplier and in our retail food clients, where we have been able to detect their staff’s giving away free product to their friends, are two more ways we have made a difference. We have also detected water and potentially life-threatening fires in the residence buildings of a client who houses troubled children.


            Video surveillance systems (also called CCTV systems) that we have designed and installed have made a difference in our clients’ detecting internal theft. Business owners and managers have been able to watch their staff during and outside business hours. Others have worked with us to install video surveillance when the possibility of a strike and the resulting dangerous action by zealous union members has been pending.


            Access control devices designed by the Integrated Security team have limited access to sensitive areas, such as computer rooms, and accounting areas. And our advice has been key in preventing or minimizing security problems for our customers.


            The lives of over 1000 people who were participating in an important concert in an historical building were saved by a fire alarm designed and installed by the I-SEE team. Our detection of a problem happened during the final concert of a multi-day gathering of religious leaders from all over the country.


            As the Congregations’ choirs performed their encore number, a problem started. One of the Holy Arks, that contain sacred scrolls, had a motor located just below the Ark itself; this motor allowed the Ark to be opened and closed. While 1000 people sang in the main sanctuary, the motor in the sanctuary below began to overheat. Some of the children had opened and closed the Ark doors, and the motor continued running.


            Fortunately, Jodie Girsh had designed, and Harry Girsh had convinced the Congregation to install, a smoke detector inside each of the Arks. It was one of those detectors that “sniffed out” the beginning of a fire. The detection was so quick that, when the local volunteer firemen responded to the alarm and opened the Ark doors, wisps of smoke from the overheating motor were just beginning to be visible. It was the teamwork of Girsh Alarm that truly made a difference in the lives, memories, and possessions of this congregation and its visitors.  


            At Girsh Alarm, we know we can make a difference every day. We do this by designing, installing, and implementing the best possible security solutions for our clients. That is how we provide “better security ™”.

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