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What to do in the event of extreme weather:

We are reaching the end of lightning season. And we have recently experienced an earthquake measuring 5.82; an extremely large hurricaine (Irene); tornadoes; and lightning storms.

Storm Warning - Emergency Procedures 

In the event that you lose power your alarm system should move over to the back-up battery to supply power.

However, your keypad may beep to let you know that the main power source is out. This may be displayed with a flashing AC light, a non-illuminated AC button, or AC loss displayed in your keypad (depending on your system). You can acknowledge this by hitting Command 4, entering you code+1, or just your code depending on the type of system you have. You may have to do this multiple times.

In addition you may see a similar issue displayed as COMM FAIL or TELCO fail, if the phone line is compromised. For those with internet phones, the loss of power will most likely be accompanied by a loss of the phone line.

If in the event the power is out for an extended period (days) of time your back-up battery supply will eventually fail, and the system will shut down. The battery is meant to supply power for a short period of time, such as a few hours, and then it will recharge itself.

If you want to shut down your system (whether in advance of the storm or during the course of a storm), first locate the control panel. It is the box with all the wires going to it, most likely in the basement, or a closet.Open the box and disconnect one of the leads to the battery. Also, find the transformer. It is a plug the size of your fist. Take it out of the outlet. With both power supplies disconnected, your alarm will be powered off and will not make any noise.

During this impending emergency, you may not receive calls on supervisory signals, as the central station must prioritize the signals, and we expect to have a large amount of activity with the power issues.

Be safe and protect your family, your home, and your business!

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