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On December 1, 1977, Jodie and Harry Girsh started “The Protection Center,” a retail showroom where they sold professional security equipment to the do-it-yourselfer. Their vision was that their business would be strictly a retail operation. However, less than four months later, in March 1978, that vision changed when their first commercial account, a powerful Philadelphia union, wanted to do business with them and wanted them to install and service an alarm in the union’s large office.


Their business changed completely from that experience. Many of the patterns we see today started from the company’s very first days in business:

  • The responsiveness that Girsh Alarm is known for started with how well they listened to this client. 
  • The focus on listening to what their clients truly needed also has its roots in the first days of Girsh Alarm. 
  • The continuing evolution of services and products and the emphasis on using the highest quality equipment available have their roots in that time as well. 
  • The selection of the most appropriate technology also dates to Girsh Alarm’s beginnings. 
  • Customized solutions and the focus on commercial accounts have their origins in Girsh Alarm’s first days. 

Along the way, Girsh Alarm has acquired the accounts of National Police Alarm Company, Lord's Security, and Sheppard Alarm. The challenge faced now by Girsh Alarm is to continue to create and to improve internal systems so that the company can continue to grow and evolve while remaining focused on the high quality, customized solutions, and close client contact that is the hallmark of Girsh Alarm. 


High quality and responsiveness has always been an important factor at Girsh Alarm. We pride ourselves on being pro-active. For example, we have staff dedicated to following up on any activity. Our clients expect a follow-up phone call to make certain that they are safe and to determine if any service is required; this call usually takes place the next business day.


Girsh Alarm provides elegant electronic security solutions for clients and their homes, business places, industry, and institutions thru-out the Greater Phila. area. We continue to be industry leaders even as (perhaps because) we continue to focus on our clients. If you're interested in receiving the same high-quality, high-touch (tm) service, please get in touch with us. Contact us now.  

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