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We have the  best team around (no boast!).
Here is how we do it: 

We look for extraordinary personal skills during the interview process, then, once hired, 66% of your performance review is based on how effectively you interact with your coworkers, customers, and management. We will help you with this, but you must be willing to meet us half way. 

Superstars love this system; mediocre workers hate it. If we ever do make a mistake and hire some miserable cuss, we get rid of them using the fast method (drama queens, high-maintenance prima donnas, skeptics, slackers, and negative-nellies can't survive here.) 

We also require: 

·         A high sense of urgency - please show up on time 

·         That you leave your "baggage" at home 

·         Willingness to learn new ways of doing things 

·         A self-starter attitude so we can trust you to do quality work all the time (you see, we don't believe in being out there "cracking the whip" all the time.) 

·         Natural enthusiasm for meeting new people 


Now, here are the  nuts and bolts of the Installation and Service Advisor job as an example.  ( 34%  of your performance review): 

Here at Girsh Alarm, you will do lots of different things during the day. You might call clients to determine how we can help; find parking for a technician; schedule and re-schedule service; make sure invoices are sent out; accept packages; - all in the same day. 

We aren't like most alarm companies or others in our industry in general.

Alarm industry experience is not necessary, but often extremely helpful. It is physical, sometimes dirty work so we need physically fit people who can hustle and lift 50 pounds. We have a totally smoke-free workplace. Totally. 

We have a totally scent-free workplace, too. 

Above all, we need people with personality and intelligence who believe that work should be interesting and challenging- not just something to be endured. All applicants must have a valid PA driver’s license with no more than 4 points. 

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